New Graduate Course: Ethnic Studies in Education

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New Course Announcement

Ethnic Studies in Education
Tuesday 4:00 to 6:45 pm

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Join Professor Gretchen Lopez, faculty director of the Intergroup Dialogue Program, for “Ethnic Studies in Education” this Spring 2024 semester at Syracuse University

This graduate course, a new offering, will cover:

  • Theories, practices, epistemologies, pedagogies grounded in ethnic studies in education
  • Historical aspects of student and community movements, contemporary struggle for ethnic studies
  • Interdisciplinary research on the significance and impact of ethnic studies for students, educators
  • Key concepts and central questions for anti-racist, decolonizing education
  • Policy and case study examples

Offered through Cultural Foundations of Education [CFE], School of Education, and open to students from across programs & colleges [Ph.D., Master’s, CAS]

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