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Student Voices

I don’t think I could possibly narrow it down to one most important take away. I learned more in this class about systematic oppression and institutionalized racism than ever before. Each class I took away something different that had a lasting impact. (Fall 2019)
My communication skills have greatly improved. I would say that I have definitely learned to listen, when to be silent, and when to speak. (Spring 2017)
So much more aware of the identities on this campus. Also, more aware of my role in racism, further developed my consciousness on white privilege and intersectionality more apt to create REAL, MEANINGFUL, CHANGE! (Spring 2016)
The facilitators did a good job of mixing in teaching with cooperation and learning alongside the students. I never felt like they came from a place of power and entitlement because they participated in discussions with us and shared their own experiences. They were also helpful in giving us feedback but also received feedback from students as well. (Fall 2018)
Talking through intergroup dialogue. I learned so much from my peers, more than a reading. My peers in this class helped me discover cultural identity and diversity opening my mind to outside my class. It helped me learn about myself and the world. (Spring 2017)
image of Easton wearing a black t-shirt with white font saying, "what's your story?"