Intergroup Dialogue at Syracuse University

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By dialogue, we mean a specific form of communication especially designed for people to communicate across social, cultural, and power differences. The goal in dialogue is to work towards understanding, not necessarily to reach agreement.

We seek to increase understanding of social identities in the context of systems of inequality; to explore the impact at personal, interpersonal, community, cultural, institutional, and societal levels; and to practice dialogue skills toward identifying actions to address social justice issues.

Our offerings reflect publicly engaged scholarship. The work crosses disciplinary, university, and community lines; and we are committed to connecting theory, research, and practice towards individual, educational, and social change.


OUR ACADEMIC COURSES are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. *To register, submit online placement form here.

OUR RESEARCH investigates linkages between intergroup dialogue, critical pedagogy, democratic education, and social justice.

Dellareese Jackson IGD facilitator

OUR ENGAGEMENT includes collaborations with campus and community partners.

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OUR NEWS includes updates on courses, co-facilitators and program events.


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