Interracial Solidarity and Conflict: Dialogue between Asian and Black Americans

This three part dialogue session involves discussion on the interracial solidarity and conflict between Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) and Black communities. Interracial conflict and solidarity between Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) and Black communities are of historical, social, and political significance in the United States. Divisions can deter unifications in regard to community building, social movements, and political forces. But solidarity can also form to resist such conflict and build progressive justice against the ideology of white supremacy and its systems.

Higher education has a critical role in community building and bridging divides between different groups of people. It is important for campus communities to discuss struggles, pains, experiences, and differences. In this three-part dialogue session, facilitators and participants will discuss the conflicts between the two communities and how one can transcend those barriers to form solidarity and elicit change.

Location: Schine Student Center
Room 228
March 24th- Introductions
April 1st- Conflict and Experiences
April 8th- Building Bridges