2021-2024 Cohort Members

  • Image of Huntington Hall, reads Engaged BIPOC Scholar-Practitioner Program, "A space where you can imagine and co-create a future where equitable education thrives"Atiya McGhee
    Cultural Foundations of Education
  • Cassaundra Guzman
    Cultural Foundations of Education
  • Claudine-Lonje Williams
    Higher Education
  • Easton Davis
    Cultural Foundations of Education
  • Evan Starling-Davis
    Literacy Education
  • Fasika Melese
    Instructional Design, Development & Evaluation
  • Gloria Kilpatrick
    Cultural Foundations of Education
  • Hillary Bermudez
    Math Education
  • Linzy Andre
    Counseling & Human Services
  • Maria del Mar Aponte Rodriguez
    Cultural Foundations of Education
  • Merci Sugai (MS, ’22)
    Higher Education
  • ParKer Bryant
    Literacy Education
  • Phillandra Smith (PhD, ’22)
    Special Education
  • Shiila Seok Wun Au Yong
    Cultural Foundations of Education
  • Tamara Hamilton
    Higher Education, also program coordinator
  • Terrance King
    Special Education
  • Zeenar Salim
    Instructional Design & Development



Photo of Atiya McGhee, CFE doctoral student

“My mentors were available to answer or provide direction for many questions I had about  navigating and thriving in academia.” ~ McGhee, First Year Ph.D. student  



Photo of ParKer Bryant, doctoral student in literacy education“I felt safe not knowing and fumbling to figure it out in this space. I learned how to ask for and apply support funding, thus attending my first conference. I owe much of my confidence as a non-traditional Ph.D. student to Engaged BIPOC.” ~ Bryant, First-Year Ph.D. Student



It was an environment that inspired me to keep going and believing that I have something valuable to contribute and that in partnership with others it is possible to have hope and see real change.” ~ Williams, Ph.D. Candidate



Photo of Terrance King, doctoral student in special education

The cultivation of space(s) where a community of students can celebrate their representations, where their voices ring loud like trumpets, supporting/encouraging each other, and sharing resources encapsulate the essence of the engaged BIPOC Scholars-practitioner program at Syracuse University.” ~ King, Third-Year Ph.D. Student


Photo of Fasika, doctoral student in IDD&E

“BIPOC scholars is a place where I can be vulnerable and yet strive for excellence. A space that reminded me to trust my gut against all odds.” ~Melese, Third-Year Ph.D. Student




Doctoral student Hillary Bermudez presenting research at Mathematics Education Research Showcase, December 2022

Dates for Scholar-Practitioners to hold for Fall 2023 semester:

Friday, October 20: 12-2 pm

Friday, November 10: 5-7 pm

Friday, December 8: 11:30-1 pm

Further details and additional dates and events provided via email/listserv



Feature photo (header) credits for Engaged BIPOC Scholar-Practitioner Program webpages: Shiila Seok Wun Au Yong (current cohort, @seokwon)