Dialogue Starters Workshop

Participants work with co-facilitators on their action plans

The Intergroup Dialogue Program, in partnership with the Office of Multicultural Affairs and CARE, held the first Student Leaders’ Dialogue Starters Workshop during the Fall 2011 semester. This half-day Saturday workshop served as an opportunity for undergraduate students to learn and/or continue with dialogue. This workshop guided attendees on how to use dialogic communication in their daily life and was intended to assist participants to put into practice the effective use of dialogue in student organizations and student life. Trained co-facilitators, including former dialogue students, worked with participants on developing action plans that would allow them to take their learning from the day and implement it into an organization(s) of their choice. At the conclusion of the workshop, one participant wrote, “I learned how to approach people in an effective way, which I would not have been comfortable with before this workshop,” and another wrote, “It was an excellent experience that I am happy I got to participate in.”